I am.

+Bands is a lifestyle company that happens to make bracelets. We are motivated to assist people in understanding the power we hold inside. The mind controls everything. Our environment does not. Being positive is not always easy, but it is a choice. All of our products are created with the intention of inspiring a state of inner mental peace. Our hope is during your times of personal hardship, a quick look at your bracelet will revive some feelings of the good in your life. All it takes is one positive thought to start a chain reaction.

Over the course of the last year we put our project on hold. At our launch we were partnered with Mike Tyson Cares; a charity dedicated to helping children from inner city youth. Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters we were able to help many children in need. Now, we plan to continue our production of Plus Bands. With each band, pass one on and continue to live out and spread the mentality of positivity.  

Stay up. 

- James and Michael